Dig in!

We source the majority of our ingredients locally and organically.

We use stainless steel cookware to prevent chemicals from leeching into your food.

The brown rice is soaked to increase nutrient absorption.

The white rice is cooked in bone broth.

We serve wild salmon.

The beef is 100% grass-fed.

Our eggs come from pasture raised chickens eating lots of bugs.

We use spring water for cooking and brewing the tea.

We cook with healthy fats  and are aware of the different smoke points to avoid oxidation.

We use organic, gluten-free soy sauce.

We offer items that are GAPS, Weston Price and paleo friendly.

The riceballs are soy-free.


Meet the Farmers:

Beef – Holding Ranch Montague, CA

Chicken – Mary’s Free Range Chicken CA

Eggs – Rolling Oak Ranch Ione, CA

Olive Oil –Stonehouse Olive Oil San Francisco, CA

Honey – Morganic Hilltop Crops Los Gatos, CA

Rice – Nijiya CA

Produce –Heirloom Organics Hollister, CA  Pinnacle Farms Hollister, CA

Tea – Far West Fungi San Francisco, CA